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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question on this page, please do not hesitate to call us.


What will your magazine will look like?

Your magazine is A5 size, printed full colour throughout, on high quality art paper. We have the very latest computor technology and software.
As all top professional publishers we have industry standard equipment which, for the technically minded, includes Apple Macintosh page make-up systems using Quark Express and Adobe Photoshop.
Your magazine will contain around 50% editorial and 50% advertising with advertisements well integrated.


Can photos be used?

We arrange a photocall with you at a mutually convenient time to photograph your presenters, studio, patients, hospital facilities, fun days. Whatever you want to appear in your magazine.


Who has editorial control?

The editorial content is entirely up to you.
We are happy to introduce extra material of a general nature (quizzes, spot the difference, etc) to supplement your own at your request.
We can provide an editorial service free of charge if required. We have experienced journalists and copywriters available who can assist your staff with the preparation or correcting of material.


What types of advert are allowed?

We are happy to respect your, or your health authority's exclusions and not approach certain categories of advertisers. As a matter of course we do not take advertisements from funeral directors, will writers, solicitors offering medical negligence claims, etc.
We will not use anything that may upset your patients or your health authority.


Are there any geographical limits?

For logistical reasons, at this time we unfortunately cannot provide our service in the North, Scotland or Ireland.
We have plans to open a northern office in the near future, when we will be delighted to extend our areas of operation.


How many are printed?

As standard we print around 3500 copies.
We need about 200 for advertisers voucher copies. This leaves you in excess of 3000 for your own needs, which is generally a good year's supply, but we are happy to supply more or less if required.


Can I check proofs before the magazines are printed?

We send you colour copy proofs of all the editorial in good time for you to make any necessary corrections.
We are also more than happy to proof your magazine to your Trust Manager if required.


How long do they take to arrive?

It take a total of about twelve weeks to produce and deliver your magazine. Around eight weeks to sell the advertising and collect in the advertising copy and another four weeks to design and typeset, proof to you and print.


Are there any delivery costs?

Your magazines are delivered to your studio or anywhere else you nominate by private delivery at a mutually convenient time at no cost to yourselves.


Still have questions? Please contact us

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